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Seeing the Chair Covers

We would love to have you experience the look and feel of

our covers in person.  We have chairs onsite that you can try different covers on.  We

encourage you to play a bit with mixing and layering styles, and genuinely just enjoy yourself as you select the designs and colors that  speak to you.

Changing your Event Date

If your Event is rescheduled, we are more than willing to transfer your deposit to another available date. Due to other event reservations, we may not have the same covers available for the new date, but we will work with you to choose other designs.  We do have a written cancellation policy in our rental agreement stating the initial deposit is non-refundable.

Read Our Rental Details
How Far away will we Go

We are located in beautiful Lancaster County and currently service counties within a 50 mile radius.  Our chair covers are not shipped in order to retain the beauty of the fabrics and keep them from wrinkling 

For events outside of our area please drop us an email.

How Long is the Rental For

Reservations for over 100 seats will provide the service of setup for your chair covers as defined in your placement seating plan,  and rental period extends until we remove them when your event is ending. 

For smaller reservations, daily rental includes day of event and returning the following day,  Delivery and setup services may be hired dependent on availability

Cover Placement Examples
Creating Your Own Design

So you saw a gorgeous

chair cover on Pinterest

that you MUST have!

With a 50% deposit and 

24 week lead time, we will work with you to choose fabrics, colors, and style in order to make the magic 

happen for you!

I'm Heidi

I look forward to meeting you in person and showing off all of the beautiful chair covers available through my business.  Reach out to me at (717) 808-9245 or email

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Elegant Transformations Co

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