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those plain old chairs...blah

During the planning stages for the marriages of our daughters, we realized an important element of the event space that was a distraction to the gorgeous themes we were trying to achieve.  The décor you choose becomes the first impression your guests will have. Why spend countless hours deciding flowers, centerpieces, napkins, plate chargers, and linen selections only to spoil the vision when plain chairs surround your tables.  Elegant Transformations was founded to help transform the look of these common venue chairs.

With all the time dedicated to create an image of beauty in the dream of having gorgeous tablescapes for the photographer to capture, don’t settle for the standard chair sash, slipcover, or chair bag. Chose instead chair cover fabrics such as luxurious taffeta, layers of organza, mounds of tulle, sumptuous satin or the sparkle of sequins. 

Elegant Transformations Co. is here to help change the image of your venue chairs, not just tie a bow in a sash or hide them with something over-sized and wrinkled. Our company can provide chair cover styles that will complement your event theme.  When compared to the rental pricing for the typical chair sash, the cost of the luxurious chair covers from Elegant Transformations Co. will elevate your event at a very affordable price

The selection of design and color choices will allow you to bring to life the vision you have. You will find that our styles can be mixed and layered to create a unique feel specific for your needs. Whatever vision you may have, we look forward to making it happen with brilliance that won't break your budget! 

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